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Expect and Prepare for the the Unexpected in Real Estate Transactions with a Real Estate Closing Attorney

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Sometimes the unexpected happens. Sometimes someone drops the ball or changes their mind in a real estate transaction. Buyers and sellers will back out. Situations or weather conditions will arise that may prevent a property from closing – such as a hurricane(s). A real estate closing attorney can help you be prepared for the unexpected. You deserve to have someone at your side who knows what do when something like this happens. Someone who can help you avoid the drama as the unexpected unfolds.

At Bret Jones, P.A. we appreciate that there is only so much that can be done when something gets in the way of a real estate closing. There are measures that can be taken to protect both buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. You deserve the best representation; make the choice to protect your best interests and understand that you should expect and prepare for unexpected. The attorneys at Bret Jones are prepared to offer the best counsel possible.

Avoid Drama with “This Old House” or Any Other Real Estate

Do you remember the show “This Old House” with Bob Vila? Many of you probably remember the show, and the home improvements done throughout the homes featured on the show. If you don’t, at least you may remember “Home Improvement” starring Tim Allen, a slight sit-com spin-off of the show. Today, “This Old House” is currently running with a new host. Many viewers still associate “This Old House” with the original host from the 1980s, Bob Vila. There was something relatable and familiar about Vila. His persona was dependable and trustworthy. It’s hard to imagine there would be any disputes between Bob Vila and anything or anyone with the show. Yet truth be told, there was some drama with “This Old House.”

Believe or not, some disputes started to unfold between Vila and the show when Vila did some outside endorsements. He was a representative for a competitor of the local underwriters of the show. Vila was fired when he refused to drop the endorsements. (Gross and Avery Brown, 1990). It is hard to believe that any drama could involve Bob Vila. However, this example goes to show that disagreements can plague anything involving two or more people; no matter how friendly, agreeable, and easy-going parties may seem to be. This includes real estate closings, and that is why you should hire a real estate closing attorney for all your real estate closings.

A real estate tagedy can be averted by having the right precautions put in place by an attorney during closing.Expect the Unexpected: Hurricanes and More

Are you planning on closing with cash? Perhaps you are planning on a “mail-away” closing? You may think you would be better off researching any issues on your own, but nothing compares to the expertise and knowledge of a real estate closing attorney. This is true particularly when the unexpected occurs. Given the recent string of hurricanes that hit Florida some buyers were backing out of real estate deals. Real estate that was situated on the coast of Florida was particularly hard-hit. Take for instance a news article from the Palm Beach Post which stated this:

“An Ohio buyer was set to close on a house in Wellington. Then Hurricane Irma came along, and the buyer got cold feet and wanted out of her Florida deal. ‘I want to move to Arizona. And I don’t care if I lose my $16,000 deposit,’” Oscar Diaz, manager of the Delray Beach office of The Mortgage Firm, recalled the buyer saying. When Irma sideswiped Palm Beach County, the buyer calmed down and the sale was back on — until the buyer saw Hurricane Maria percolating in the Atlantic. Once again Diaz heard from the buyer, and this time her mind was made up: “‘No way am I moving to Florida,’” Diaz said. And with that, the Wellington sale was “dead.” (Clough, 2017).

As frustrating as this situations sounds, it is common. Buyers or sellers may back out of an real estate agreement, no matter how easy-going everything and everyone may seem. If Bob Vila can get fired from “This Old House” and Hurricane Maria can follow Hurricane Irma, the unexpected can happen. So it is best to be prepared.

Why Hire a Real Estate Closing Attorney?Using a real estate attorney can make closing far more comfortable and secure.

When you close on a house or any other real estate, you want to ensure that there is no drama underlying the closing. Hire a real estate closing attorney to ensure that you don’t have to worry about drama unfolding prior to or on the day of closing. Granted, there are things that are beyond anyone’s control, however having a professional at your side can make the rough times a lot smoother.

A real estate closing attorney at Bret Jones, P.A. can help you whether you are closing on commercial or residential real estate. Our team is focused on making everything run smoothly, so you don’t have to be stressed until the last minute. The day of closing should be a day to rejoice. Whether you are closing on a two-story house or a warehouse, you shouldn’t have any fear when it’s time to sign.

Although it feels good to do things on your own, it is a smart decision closing with a real estate closing attorney. A realtor is not an attorney and cannot provide you with legal advice. Only a licensed attorney can provide legal advice. A real estate closing attorney is someone who understands real estate and the law. At Bret Jones, P.A. we strive to give our clients exactly what they need and more. Contact our offices to make an appointment today.

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