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The Law Offices of Bret Jones conducts an interdisciplinary law practice with a primary focus on defending the interests and advancing the success of entrepreneurs, business leaders, professionals and executives. We have built our law firm’s success in finding the best paths to a positive resolution and business protection for our clients, and on an enduring commitment to providing personal attention at the partner level. When looking for a Florida business lawyer or many other areas of concentration, Bret Jones is an excellent choice.

An Important Decision: Choosing Your Business Lawyer

When deciding upon which business law firm to choose, it is very important to make the decision with care. This is because choosing the right attorney can make a significant difference in how well your case is handled. It is necessary to select an experienced and qualified business lawyer upon which you can trust and depend when it comes to the complex world of law. The business lawyer whom you choose for your legal representation can influence many aspects of your life. Such a decision should never be made lightly. This is why the decision to hire a business lawyer is a very important one.

Perhaps your need is business-related and you seek strong legal leadership to help you navigate the many guidelines and regulations associated with business. Maybe your situation involves personal matters, and you may need the counsel of a highly skilled criminal attorney. No matter your reasons, it is crucial to choose a distinguished business lawyer to further assist you with your legal needs. At Bret Jones, P.A., we have a team of highly experienced attorneys who can help you across several areas of law. It is important to choose a trustworthy, professional business lawyer to work on your side.

Choosing a lawyer is a decision that affects us on a grand scale, and that is why at Bret Jones, P.A. we consider each of our clients to be a top priority. We strive to provide you with a positive, yet realistic outlook for your situation and we aim to keep you well informed. We believe our clients should fully understand his or her options, with regard to the legal issues they might face. Making the decision to have quality legal assistance and legal leadership on your side can make a world of difference. With our honest, straightforward, and thorough approach to law, at Bret Jones, P.A., we can make the journey much easier for you.

The Practice Areas at Bret Jones, P.A.

Our practice initially began as a business law firm, however today we handle a wide range of legal areas. Our services are numerous, and we continue to grow in our expertise. Some of our services include performing duties as General Counsel and providing representation in the various stages of litigation, among others. We represent clients in a range of legal areas from Sports Law to Franchise Law to Real Estate Law. We’ve grown into a law firm that satisfies the needs of clients in Central Florida, throughout the United States, and abroad. If you are looking for professionalism, passion, and commitment in the legal field, then you’re looking for the right attributes, and the lawyers of Bret Jones, P.A. provide nothing less.

One of the reasons we practice in a number of legal areas is because we understand that much of Business Law is interdisciplinary. It is important to understand that many legal fields deal with one another, and often times it is essential to be knowledgeable in more than one in order to provide the best representation possible. We handle various areas within the Business Law arena; we often deal hand-in-hand with other areas such as Corporate Law as well as Contract Law. We encourage clients to come to us with their businesses, both new and established. With business acumen comes the understanding that proper legal representation can make the difference between prevention of legal action taken against your business, and lessening the blow if a legal dispute is already taking place. Perhaps you need assistance pertaining to Banking Law. We’re here to guide you and work out a strategic approach to your business needs.

Bret Jones, Florida business lawyer and individual law counsel.Our attorneys also work in Real Estate Law, taking care of a multitude of clients in Construction Law and even Land Law. Land is a rich resource in Central Florida and, as such, is constantly being developed and preserved at the same time. The attorneys at Bret Jones, P.A. consider this balancing act in your best interest in order to plan for as smooth a development process as possible. On the other hand, we also represent clients in matters pertaining to Home Owners Associations, and HOA Law. We represent HOAs, providing services as General Counsel, as well as assisting in Litigation. On the other side of the legal spectrum, we remain firm in representing existing clients in some aspects of Criminal Law. Our attorneys also practice Gun Law, which is increasingly discussed and hotly debated, particularly as the political climate surrounding the attack on the Second Amendment is at an all-time high.

The Central Florida community is beautifully diverse, and we believe in attending to our clients’ needs as best we can. As a result, we fully understand the importance of making proper Estate Planning decisions. We are also compassionate and devoted to assisting our clients who may need to handle matters pertaining to Elder Care Law and probate. We work within all of these areas, upholding a strong policy to provide a caring, yet honest and realistic approach. It is important to keep you informed of the options and possibilities, despite how hard they may be to discuss. Whatever the choice, it is yours to make; we will provide you the information to make it.

At Bret Jones, P.A. we are proud to offer myriad services for our clients. Each area of law is unique, yet more often than not, intermixed with other areas. As your law firm, we strive to provide you with comprehensive services, so that you can focus on other more important matters in your life. You hire an attorney for the purpose of having them provide you with excellent and thorough representation. You don’t have to compromise this idea. There’s no such thing as a quick fix, regardless of what the technology of today may promise. You should have someone there to answer your questions, and guide you throughout the legal process.
When it comes to comprehensive representation, as your counselor at Bret Jones, P.A., we commit ourselves to your best interests.

Why Choose Bret Jones, P.A.?

Bret Jones, P.A. has served the Central Florida community for over eleven years. More importantly, we believe in the value of lifelong learning. The world at large is evolving every day and that means the legal world is changing as well. It is important to work with a dynamic law firm that understands and accepts the never ending cycle of change. Your legal representation should be continually taking steps to remain up-to-date regarding these changes, in order to best serve you. As your lawyer, we continually stay informed of new trends in the legal field, and we remain aware of what is affecting each area of law we practice, on both the local, national, and international scale. That is what we do at Bret Jones, P.A.

We’ve always been and continue to be involved in the Central Florida community. We understand that it is important to stay locally active, as well as remain available for our clients both nationwide and worldwide. You need representation from lawyers who are aware of what is going on in the world and in your backyard. As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, we at Bret Jones, P.A. constantly aim to achieve a balance between keeping the interests of the Central Florida community prominent, and acknowledging that there are many factors outside of our immediate sphere that need to be taken into account. You need a business lawyer who has a strong foundation, yet someone who is adaptable enough to change with the coming tide. Just because someone has been practicing for many years, doesn’t mean that they are the best choice. It certainly is not a tell-tale sign that they are qualified in what you specifically need. As with many lawyers and law firms, sadly, old habits die hard. Fortunately, that is not the culture within Bret Jones, P.A.

Bret Jones, P.A. provides a great balance between experience and the willingness to cultivate a culture of an ever-learning and ever-evolving team, in order to represent our clients to the best of our ability. When placing your needs in the hands of a business lawyer, you should expect nothing less, and you deserve a business lawyer that can represent your best interests. The world around us is constantly changing, and that is why at Bret Jones, P.A., we continue to stay at the top of the field, by attaining new legal knowledge when available in each legal area we practice, while maintaining our strong foundation. Make the right choice for your legal needs and choose Bret Jones, P.A. as your business lawyer.

Serving Clermont, Orlando and the Surrounding Areas

  • Just a quick note to thank you and your staff for the terrific job you have all done. While the boards are completely satisfied with your overall performance in all of the areas in which you represented us, we are particularly impressed with your "collections" performance. In the last three quarters we have reduced our outstanding assessments by more than 80%. As our past due assessments were well over $100,000 dollars, this has made a substantial change in our cash balances and financial statements. What a refreshing change from prior years. You and your staff have demonstrated that you are resourceful, diligent, and determined. Your innovative thinking and attention to detail have provided proven results.
    HOA Client
  • Dear Alison, and her team, Thank you all again for your assistance, encouragement, and guidance during my case.  I am greatly satisfied with the both the outcome and the first-rate, professional manner with which you handled my lawsuit. I will readily contact you should the need again arise for legal advice and/or representation, and I will heartily recommend you and your firm to anyone in Florida who would benefit from any of the services that Bret Jones, P.A. provides.
    Commercial Litigation Client
  • Nice job in getting the docs/done on deadline (even if it was late on a Friday night).  Too often we make excuses when we should be making things happen. You did the later and I’m grateful.
    Financial Advisor
  • Dear Attorney Strange, [my wife] and I wish to express our thanks for the detailed and professional advice you gave us yesterday regarding the bank document for the purchase of a property.  Should any occasion arise in the future where legal advice is indicated, you can rest assured we will seek out your help.
    Real Estate Purchaser
  • Thank you Kay. We appreciate your attention to this and for keeping [us] included, and up to date, in everything that is handled by your office. Thank you for a great year, we look forward to many more. Happy New Year!
    General Counsel Business Owner
  • Congrats to us all! Thanks so much ladies. Excuse my French but you kick ass!
    Mortgage Modification Client
  • Thank you, Alison. I very much enjoyed meeting you and working with you. You are an impressive attorney and a very nice person. I will recommend you to everyone:)  Thanks for everything!!!!!
    Modification Client
  • Thanks for being on top of things! You guys are champions!
    General Counsel Business Owner
  • Hi Allison, if your ears were burning about 20 minutes ago it’s because [a mediator] and I were talking about how awesome you are, and how terrific your firm is!
    Opposing Counsel
  • I greatly appreciate the work Bret's firm has done for me these past three years. I would like to acknowledge Alison Strange for her excellent client service and all her input these past few years. . .  I can say without fail that your firm stood by me to the end and I am very grateful for that. Continued success to all of you at the firm.
    Business Client
  • Alison, and her team, I can't thank you all enough for everything you have done! Just one year ago, I was living in despair thinking I would lose my home and be forced to declare bankruptcy. Now, I'm free of revolving debt, I'm keeping my home, and I have a manageable mortgage. It is more than I could've hoped for and I am sincerely grateful! I will go out of my way to recommend your firm, and you ladies in particular, to everyone!
    Mortgage Modification Client

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