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Unfair and Certainly Biased: Dealing with Selective Enforcement Woes in Homeowners’ Associations “How come I am not allowed to park my car in my driveway, but my neighbor keeps multiple cars parked in his driveway? How come he hasn’t been given a warning?” “What do you mean I’m being fined for painting my house that…

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Opportunity for Property Owners or The Bane of Property Owners’ Associations: Short Term Rentals 

Real Estate AttorneyTaking a Vacation in a Home Away From Home

Imagine yourself heading towards the destination of your dreams. You’ve rented a home near the beach for a week and you can’t wait to kick back, relax, and enjoy yourself. Perhaps you’ll spend the week walking the beach, and observing the beauty of the ocean. A short term rental is the perfect way for you to get a “real feel” for the local area. You’re happy to avoid spending another vacation at a hotel.