Consulting a Property Lawyer

You’ve been there and you’ve done that. You’ve seen the place in Florida you’d love to call home, but you have ties to your hometown. You visit Florida every chance you get, and you’re ready to purchase your second home there. Whether you are a seasoned home-owner or a neophyte, you’ll need to advice of a property lawyer to help direct you on your purchasing journey. Florida remains that dream destination to call home, and you’ll want to make sure that everything with the purchase of your second home goes smoothly.

Come one, Come All: Snowbirds, British, & Baby Boomer Retirees Purchasing Property in Florida

When Ponce De Leon landed on our shores in 1513, he called it Florida in honor of all the blossoming flowers and greenery. (Easter was around the corner as well.) Florida remains a haven not only for snowbirds from the Northern United States, but tourists around the world. Once someone has had the opportunity to experience the Land of Eternal Youth, it’s hard to head home. That’s why purchasing a second home in Florida is a real interest for many people.

From Florida’s sunny coastlines to our booming cities and exciting theme parks, it’s easy to see why vacationers come back time and time again. Indeed, purchasing a second home in Florida has presented an ideal way for the dream to continue. As locals and tourists will tell you, it’s easy to fall in love with Florida. Although we may get a lot of rain in the Summer, it’s certainly a welcome relief from the heat. Besides, where else can you enjoy a little rain shower while the sun is still shining? If you haven’t experienced this yet in Florida, don’t worry – we can assure you that you will. This is one of the many splendors that make Florida irresistible to second home buyers. Although many people purchase a second home in Florida, we’ve decided to touch upon the Snowbirds, British, and Baby Boomer Retirees; and the benefits of hiring a property lawyer.

Snowbirds Flock to Florida’s Warmer Weather

Consulting a Property Lawyer: Buying Your Second Home in Florida

Henry Flagler’s railroad brought in many of the “Snowbirds” of yesteryear. Today, a quick flight or drive down enables Americans from “Up North” to avoid the winter weather and spend at least six months down in the sunny and warm winter of Florida. We call these Americans from the North who spend their winters in the Southern United States “Snowbirds”, as they come down during the winter to avoid the cold weather and snow.

Many Snowbirds come down to Florida for a large part of the year, and a second home in Florida gives them the ability to enjoy “la dolce vita” or the sweet life. It is important to acknowledge that property law in Florida is different from other states, but the idiosyncrasies of buying property in Florida shouldn’t present a difficult task for buyers with the help of a property lawyer.

British and More Purchasing Property Abroad in Florida

Throughout the United States, we love our British cousins. In Florida, we are glad to see them enjoy our state as much as we do. Most of us would be happy to learn that a new neighbor has one of those many beautiful accents that make up the British Isles. British expatriates within the United States enjoy the beautiful Floridian weather.

Last year’s Brexit caused a little stir within the real estate market in Florida, for fear that British would not purchase as much property. We have yet to see the full ramifications of the Brexit, but British citizens still have their eyes set on Florida. Floridians gladly welcome them as well as other international tourists and buyers to our shores.

Indeed, as a mainstay in the Floridian economy, tourism is a serious component. One of the incredible benefits of the the tourism market is the ability for national and international visitors to fall in love with the Sunshine State while on vacation. (Or as the British say “holiday” rather than “vacation”.) As a result of their visits to Florida, many decide to purchase a home here. A property lawyer is the ideal person to discuss the components that purchasing property entails. Different property laws, particularly those that are different from another country, shouldn’t be the reason that you don’t make your dream of owning a home in the United States possible. Our property lawyers at Bret Jones, P.A. are keen to ensure all clients are kept informed and up-to-date, whether they live in the Eastern Standard Time Zone or elsewhere.

Retirees in the Land of Eternal Youth

Consulting a Property Lawyer

According to a Bloomberg Markets article by Luke Kawa written in January this year, the Baby Boomers are retiring in full force. To be exact, the actual title of the article is “Older Americans are Retiring in Droves” ( With the mass amount of Baby Boomers retiring, comes the time for them to purchase their second home if they haven’t already. Consulting a property lawyer for the purchase of a second home remains a important aspect of purchasing the property. Ponce De Leon may not have found the Fountain of Youth, but he came pretty close to finding the answer to longevity with the sunny and hospitable climate of Florida. Florida remains a sight to behold for retirees, and the numerous adult communities can attest to this.

A property lawyer from Bret Jones, P.A. will assist you with all your legal questions concerning purchasing property in Florida. Whether you are from the United States or another country, you will need a property lawyer to walk you through the multiple facets of the process. At Bret Jones, P.A. our property lawyer team can enable you to rest assured that you are receiving stellar service. The Snowbirds, British, and Baby Boomer Retirees are just a small sample of the large amount of people who choose to purchase property in Florida. Our legal team at Bret Jones, P.A. strives to provide our clients with quality legal representation no matter what part of the world they hail from.

“Older Americans are Retiring in Droves”
By Luke Kawa
Bloomberg Markets
January 6, 2017