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Alison Strange is a native Central Floridian.  She was born in Winter Park; raised in Kissimmee, Orlando, and Oviedo; educated at the University of Florida and Stetson University; and has resided in Clermont since graduating from law school.  Since her youth, she has been fascinated by sports and the teamwork associated with them.  A member of the Oviedo High School Hall of Fame, she earned fourteen (14) varsity letters while in high school but her emphasis was on softball, weightlifting, and track & field.  By the time she graduated high school, she had earned All-State honors six (6) times (including a weightlifting state championship).  After high school, she attended the University of Florida where she studied Advertising and threw the shot put and javelin for the varsity Track & Field team; but softball ultimately called her to Stetson University where she matriculated with a degree in Sports Administration after serving as a catcher and right-fielder for the Hatter varsity softball team.

It is very important when communicating with Attorney Strange that a client clearly articulate his or her goals.  For her, the question she wants answered is “What?”  Attorney Strange works long and hard and accepts nothing less than superior performance.  For her, satisfaction in any endeavor is achieved by successful completion of the job or project: she believes that life is more about the result (i.e., the goal) than the journey.  As the manager of the Firm, she insists that every file be touched, reviewed, examined, and moved forward on a regular basis.  Her goals: efficiency and effectiveness . . . if the project is not moving forward both efficiently and effectively toward the goal, she will re-evaluate and try a new approach.

Attorney Strange’s art is being able to passionately and zealously look out for another person’s interests.  Whether it comes from years behind the plate or it is simply the way she was built, she finds the most reward in successfully closing a client’s file (and, as she will tell you, hopefully opening three new ones while she is at it).  For her, representing clients is a highly personal relationship and one she performs with great enthusiasm.

Biography and Resume:

Attorney Strange graduated with honors as first in her College (Sports Administration, B.A.) from Stetson University.  She received her Master of Business Administration from Stetson University concurrently with her Juris Doctor from Stetson’s College of Law.  While in law school, Attorney Strange served as the Compliance Coordinator for the University of South Florida’s Athletic Department.

Attorney Strange is licensed to practice in the State of Florida as well as the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida. She primarily oversees the operations of the law firm while managing the firm’s General Counsel, Homeowner’s Association, and Banking clients.  She is also active in the practice and litigation of business, commercial, and construction cases in various Central Florida courts and has experience in various aspects of the practice of commercial law.  She also has experience working with professional athletes and athletic organizations in her Sports Law practice, has worked with the Public Employee Relations Committee (PERC) representing various union agencies and issues, and has represented clients on appeals to the Fifth District Court of Appeals and Circuit Court of Lake County. In addition to her legal practice with Bret Jones, P.A., Attorney Strange spent three (3) years working with the Pro-Fastpitch X-treme Tour, Inc. (PFX) as an athlete-services representative and support staff to assist with the growth of professional opportunities in sport for female athletes.

As a member of Business and Professional Women, Attorney Strange was honored to be named the South Lake County and State of Florida “Young Careerist” in the early days of her career.  Attorney Strange serves on the Board of Directors for the Lake & Sumter United Way.  Attorney Strange understands Spanish but is not proficient in the language.

She is also the President of the Leadership Lake County Class of 2010 whose class project is “economic development.”  As a result of this project, the Lake County Rowing Association, Inc., a non-profit corporation founded to train, develop, and promote rowing at all age levels and to promote economic development through hosting crew regattas and winter training in Lake County, was born.