The only way to judge the success of a firm is if at the end of the day the client is happy.

[testimonial company= author=”~ from a mortgage modification client“]Alison, Cara, and Cindy, I can’t thank you all enough for everything you have done! Just one year ago, I was living in despair thinking I would lose my home and be forced to declare bankruptcy. Now, I’m free of revolving debt, I’m keeping my home, and I have a manageable mortgage. It is more than I could’ve hoped for and I am sincerely grateful! I will go out of my way to recommend your firm, and you ladies in particular, to everyone![/testimonial]

[testimonial company= author=”~ from a business client“]I greatly appreciate the work Bret’s firm has done for me these past three years. I would like to acknowledge Alison Strange for her excellent client service and all her input these past few years. . . . I can say without fail that your firm stood by me to the end and I am very grateful for that. Continued success to all of you at the firm. [/testimonial]

[testimonial company= author=”~ from an opposing counsel“]Hi Allison,  If your ears were burning about 20 minutes ago it’s because [a mediator] and I were talking about how awesome you are, and how terrific your firm is![/testimonial]

[testimonial company= author=”~ from a General Counsel business owner“]Thanks for being on top of things! You guys are champions![/testimonial]

[testimonial company= author=”~ from a modification client“]Thank you, Alison. I very much enjoyed meeting you and working with you. You are an impressive attorney and a very nice person. I will recommend you to everyone:)  Thanks for everything!!!!![/testimonial]

[testimonial company= author=”~ from a mortgage modification client“]Congrats to us all!  Thanks so much ladies.  Excuse my French but you kick ass![/testimonial]

[testimonial company= author=”~ from a General Counsel business owner“]Thank you Kay. We appreciate your attention to this and for keeping [us] included, and up to date, in everything that is handled by your office. Thank you for a great year, we look forward to many more. Happy New Year![/testimonial]

[testimonial company= author=”~ a real estate purchaser“]Dear Attorney Strange, [my wife] and I wish to express our thanks for the detailed and professional advice you gave us yesterday regarding the bank document for the purchase of a property.  Should any occasion arise in the future where legal advice is indicated, you can rest assured we will seek out your help.[/testimonial]

[testimonial company= author=”~from a financial advisor“]Miss Denise……..nice job in getting the docs/done on deadline (even if it was late on a Friday night).  Too often we make excuses when we should be making things happen. You did the later and I’m grateful.[/testimonial]

[testimonial company= author=”~ from a commercial litigation client“]Dear Alison, Denise, and Coni, Thank you all again for your assistance, encouragement, and guidance during my case.  I am greatly satisfied with the both the outcome and the first-rate, professional manner with which you handled my lawsuit. I will readily contact you should the need again arise for legal advice and/or representation, and I will heartily recommend you and your firm to anyone in Florida who would benefit from any of the services that Bret Jones, P.A. provides.[/testimonial]

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