Quality Legal Assistance with a Florida Elder Care Lawyer

Making the best choices for you or your loved one is something in which a Florida elder care lawyer can help you with. You need an elder law attorney who can provide a caring but honest and realistic projection of what to expect. Some choices aren’t easy, especially when it comes to deciding how you are going to care for a loved one, but choosing the right attorney should not be one of the difficult decisions to make. With the assistance of an elder care attorney, you can make sure that you receive help with voicing your concerns over the treatment of a loved one, or ensure that the proper approach is being made when caring for them.

Elder care attorney, Bret Jones, can assist with making wise choices for the complete long-term care of parents.

Ponce De Leon supposedly found the Fountain of Youth in Florida. As the land of the Fountain of Youth, since that time, Florida has grown in considerable numbers and we have flourished as a retirement haven. With our sunny weather and great cost of living, many people have relocated to Central Florida. We are a wonderfully diverse culture on various levels and that includes a diverse age population. Many people throughout their lives have had the dream of retiring in Florida, and that dream has come true for many.

For those who have lived here their whole lives to more recent residents, having a trusted lawyer is a key resource. Make important and informed decisions, with the Florida elder care attorneys at Bret Jones, P.A. We emphasize the value of effective and efficient legal representation with our honest and straightforward approach. We want you to be aware of all the options that you have, and we want to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible with talking about some of the most difficult decisions in life. Having the ability to speak openly and candidly with a lawyer who will speak the same way with you, is something that we are proud to say is a part of the bedrock of our firm at Bret Jones, P.A.

What is Elder Law?

Sometimes it is our turn to make sure that the people who have spent their lives taking care of us are taken care of in return. Unfortunately, there can be circumstances beyond our control, where an attorney for guardianship may be required. Perhaps you have learned of some unsettling news from an elderly loved one about possible abuse. An elder law firm handles such issues that affect the elderly, and a Florida elder care lawyer can assist you in taking the right steps to rectify these situations. When it comes to those we love we want the best for them. At Bret Jones, P.A. we understand and respect the delicate nature of protecting and taking care of our loved ones.

End-of-Life Care is an important matter that can be addressed with a Florida elder care attorney. As the name implies, End-of-Life Care deals with the decisions you choose to make before that occurs. In addition, a Living Will and Designation of a Health Care Surrogate are other items that should be spoken about in detail with your attorney.

How Are Financial Decisions Handled?

Besides hiring an attorney to assist you with medical power of attorney, maybe you wish to have your loved one prepare a financial power of attorney. A financial power of attorney can provide the legal authority for someone else, such as a family member or friend, to deal with your finances. Having another individual take care of your financial matters may include tasks such as filing your taxes to depositing checks.

What is the Medical Power of Attorney?

Elder care attorney, Bret Jones, assists children with the best solutions for the safe, long-term care of parents.

The medical power of attorney will ensure that you have someone who will be there to carry out your wishes and make the appropriate medical decisions if you are unable to do so at the time. Vital decisions such as these shouldn’t be taken lightly by your representation, and you need to have a counselor at law, in every sense of that term. After all, one of the most essential but overlooked aspects of the legal profession is the necessity of counseling. Here, at Bret Jones, P.A., we don’t overlook that aspect, and we believe that counseling is a part of our job as lawyers.

Although these topics can be difficult to discuss, it is important to make informed decisions with the full assistance of your attorney. Although you may read about these materials online, a thorough understanding of what you sign or agree to is important. This cannot be stressed enough. You deserve to fully comprehend any decisions that you are making, particularly when it comes to matters such as these. It should never be made to seem as if you are being unreasonable by requesting a detailed explanation of your options. At Bret Jones, P.A. we respect the sanctity and magnitude of such decision-making and do our utmost to make sure our clients feel comfortable in discussing any questions or concerns they may have.

What do Lawyers of Guardianship do?

A guardianship lawyer assists in the process of adult guardianships. Adult guardianships occur when a court finds that an adult is either physically or mentally disabled and needs a guardian to make either financial and/or personal decisions for this adult. The guardian is court-appointed, and the guardianship can be either voluntary or involuntary. There are varying degrees of guardianship, ranging from limited to complete adult guardianship. The court may find that an individual does not require complete adult guardianship. If so, they may receive more limited assistance in taking care of themselves or their property.

Perhaps assistance is needed in managing money or paying the bills, but an adult is otherwise able to take care of themselves. On the other hand, Complete or Plenary guardianships are used to describe guardianships where an adult cannot take care of themselves. Sometimes it becomes impossible for an adult to not only manage finances and the home but to adequately care for their own well-being. These are all areas that a lawyer for guardianship can address. Guardianships are decided upon a case by case basis, depending on the facts presented. After a case is decided, the court continues to oversee adult guardianships once a guardian has been appointed. Guardianship attorneys can help you discuss whether you or your loved one may need assistance, and what level of guardianship may be ordered by the court. Attorneys who assist in this process are also referred to as a conservatorship attorney.

Will an Attorney Help with Elderly Abuse Situations?

An elder care lawyer can also represent clients who may be the victims of elderly abuse. Elderly abuse can come in a number of different guises. Whether it is emotional abuse, physical abuse, or even financial exploitation, an elder abuse attorney can help you. There is an entire chapter devoted to Adult Protective Services in the Florida Statutes. These statutes, aptly named Chapter 415, Adult Protective Services, are the source of law that your Florida elder care attorney can utilize to help you with your legal issue.

Many elderly Florida residents reside in nursing homes, adult family care homes, or assisted living facilities. These places are often wonderful and comfortable homes. Sadly, there are times when unfortunate situations occur. On another note, sometimes our loved ones are taken advantage of in financial schemes by individuals with terrible intentions. At unfortunate times such as these, a Florida elder care attorney can help you or your loved one in taking legal action against such places or people.

How Might an Elder Care Lawyer Assist my Loved Ones?

Elder care attorney, Bret Jones, is vigilant and will stand strong for the rights and long-term care of elderly clients.

Attention to detail and proficiency. These are things you should expect nothing less when it comes to legal representation, particularly with elder law lawyers. Get professional and efficient legal representation with an elder care lawyer from Bret Jones, P.A. As your Florida elder care attorneys, we remain sensitive to the needs of our clients, while honestly and openly discussing the easy and difficult options you may have. For years we are looked after by our loved ones, and we want to make sure that we look after them in return. With an attorney specializing in elder care and guardianship, you can ensure that the right decisions are being made regarding your loved one.

Alternatively, as an elderly individual, you can utilize an attorney in this field to make sure that you take care of yourself, especially after caring for everyone else over the years. At Bret Jones, P.A., we believe in the importance of a straightforward and honest approach, yet we remain sensitive to the issues that may be faced that are never easy to discuss. It is important that you feel comfortable enough with your lawyer to discuss all the possibilities and options that you have. We couldn’t agree more. That is why we encourage an open discussion with all matters and facilitate an environment that is caring and thorough. We’ll be there to guide you and your family. Get the quality legal assistance you need from a Florida elder care lawyer at Bret Jones, P.A.

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